Seasonal Foods Calendar

This app shows you which sorts of fruit, vegetables etc. are available from regional produce right now and which ones are imported over short or long distances. I developed the app because I feel that people should be conscious of where their food comes from and what implications their transport has.

Features (Version 1.4.7)

  • Regions: Central Europe
  • Languages: de, en, fr, es, pl
  • Month-by-month overview of 100 different kinds of foods and their availability
  • Customizable favorites list
  • Search function that recognizes common synonyms

Upcoming Changes and Features

  • Option to locally override availabilities
  • New foods
  • New supported regions


Links and Downloads

Comparison against similar apps

There certainly are similar apps out there, especially within the German-speaking community. However, this app:

  • Boasts the biggest collection of foods,
  • Lets you pick and view your favorites,
  • Consists of open source code,
  • Can be run on a variety of android devices, and
  • Looks and feels better than most competitor apps (my personal opinion).

Especially the open-source aspect is a main motivating factor for me to further develop this app.