Seasonal Foods Calendar

Update March 2022:

With my new collaborator maschm, we re-started work on the app. Stay tuned for infrequent new releases!

This app shows you which sorts of fruit, vegetables etc. are available from regional produce right now and which ones are imported over short or long distances. I developed the app because I feel that people should be conscious of where their food comes from and what implications their transport has.

Features (Version 1.5.0)

  • Regions: Central Europe
  • Languages: bg, ca, de, en, es, fr, it, nl, pl
  • Month-by-month overview of 100 different kinds of foods and their availability
  • Version 1.5.0: Availabilites now locally customizable!
  • Customizable favorites list
  • Search function that recognizes common synonyms


Links and Downloads

Comparison against similar apps

There certainly are similar apps out there, especially within the German-speaking community. However, this app:

  • Boasts the biggest collection of foods,
  • Lets you pick and view your favorites,
  • Consists of open source code,
  • Can be run on a variety of android devices, and
  • Looks and feels better than most competitor apps (my personal opinion).

Especially the open-source aspect is a main motivating factor for me to further develop this app.