Life as a PhD Student

Hi, thanks for stopping by! I am currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology while being employed at SAP. In this blog I write about my journey, from the beginning of my prior attempt at Uni Bonn up until now. If you’re interested in the full story, I recommend to read the oldest post first.

Half a Year in the Dark

It is the start of month seven of my industry PhD position. The past six months amount to a sixth of my contract’s regular duration, which if voiced this way seems like a lot of time already. If I had to briefly summarize the results of the first six months for people outside the domain…

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Immersed in the Dark Side

The previous post has dealt with the old – more precisely the end of my first PhD attempt and what has resulted from it. This post deals with the new – my second PhD attempt, how I got this chance and what it will bring for me. After I mustered up the courage to quit…

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Retreat, Reflect, Recharge, Retry

It has been a long time since I published my last PhD Life blog post. The reason is that I have quit my PhD position in Bonn because I did not enjoy that position at all, and neither did I enjoy my life there. Instead I have started a second PhD attempt at SAP SE,…

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Fitting a PhD into the life plan

Beware: Resource Links point to media pages written in German. Sorry for the language barrier! There are a lot of PhD students in Germany (roughly 150k in 2017), and with over 1% of the population in Germany holding a PhD degree in 2019, opinions are voiced that these numbers might too high to be justified,…

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Why am I doing a PhD?

Before actually reporting from the life of a PhD student, I feel like it’d be nice to talk about why I chose to continue “studying”. After all, having studied for more than 13 semesters, it might be about time to follow the advice of some of my relatives and start working “properly” to finally make…

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My Life as a PhD Student

On June 1st 2021 I’ve started out as a PhD Student at the Institute of Autonomous Intelligent Systems at the University of Bonn, and I’ve decided that I’d like to write down my impressions during the begun journey. Well, technically I’m not considered even a PhD student until I’ve submitted an official exposé, presented my…

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